While on a walk with my Kindergarten class, we noticed caterpillars crawling on the tree leaves. Some of my SK friends remembered that in the previous year we observed the Caterpillar to Butterfly Life Cycle and they enjoyed being able to watch as the caterpillars changed in each stage. The JK's also asked if they could explore... Continue Reading →


Seesaw: The Learning Journal is an application created by Adrian Graham and Carl Sjogreen with the intention that students and teachers use it to build and share their personal digital pedagogy. Seesaw captures student’s growth starting in kindergarten up until they graduate in High School through pictures, videos, voice recordings, and drawings. With multiple options,... Continue Reading →


In her article Technology as a Creative and Expressive Language: New Research, Debi Keyte-Hartland describes a contrast between popular belief amongst teaching communities that technology should be kept out of young children classrooms, and the research project she is involved with, which does the exact opposite. The project is a collaborative effort between five early... Continue Reading →

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